Sunday, November 18, 2007

Central Valley Birding Symposium!

Oh, my! I spent this weekend at the Central Valley Birding Symposium in Stockton, California. What a thrill to be invited to speak, and what a thrill to spend a weekend at such a wonderful event! There were some fabulous people there--the kind I hold in awe, like Jon Dunn, Steve Howell, Dana Gardner, Keith Hansen, and Alvaro Jaramillo! The symposium has the best elements of state ornithological society meetings and birding festivals, all wrapped into a sublime event that exudes the best of professionalism with a huge amount of warmth and friendliness. There were great field trips, and Friday morning I spent at least an hour and a half in the company of one of the coolest birds on the planet!! Who could ask for more?

Now I'm at the Sacramento Airport waiting for my flight. This is one of the civilized places that provides free Internet. I won't have that at the Twin Cities airport, though I'll be there for a long, long layover (assuming the fog lifts here so we actually take off!)


  1. I am rather new to this birdwatching thing. What is that wonderful black and white bird in the three pixs?
    I'll bet there are other people looking at your great photos and wondering what they are of. Maybe you could include the name of your subject?
    Thanks so much.

  2. You are looking at a Yellow Billed Magpie. They live in the two big interior valleys of California