Saturday, March 24, 2007

YOU tell me what to do!

Okay, I've sort of got the new page design worked out. Today I'll be concentrating on this week's radio programs so the stations that carry For the Birds won't have any more dead air, and figuring out how to start a new podcast with iTunes. But then what? I had over 24,000 files on my old blog directories. What would YOU like me to be restoring first?


  1. Hi Laura~

    I am so glad you are back!

    Perhaps because of the times we live in it would be nice to bring back the Iraq birds first. It would be a great support to the soldiers who have contributed their photos.

  2. Great to have you back Laura! We sure missed you during the transition.

    My vote? Podcasts. I can't get the radio programs out here in Oregon (hmmm... perhaps I should say something to my friends at OPB...).

  3. Nice to see you're back online Laura - looking forward to seeing how this site develops! Good luck again... and I'd vote for the Iraq birds too.

  4. Laura,
    I love your new website! The crane picture is lovely.

    I really miss the species photo gallery, that would be my first vote.

    We are off to Germany tomorrow, I will try and get a good picture of my favorite European bird - The Great Tit or The Blue Tit. I can't wait!

  5. I would work on restoring the blog files... those have the best draw from search engines so when people are googling (or GoodSearching) for info about birds, they can find loads of info.

    I would also consider hosting your blog on your website. I think blogger lets you do that (or you could check out wordpress). If you have any questions you can always email me.

  6. Laura, congrats on getting your content back. I won't presume to tell you where to start pouring it into your new blog, but rather offer you my sincere sympathiesfor the daunting task ahead. I'm still porting three years of posts from my old, non-Wordpress site to the new 10,000 Birds, and I made the move back in October.

    One bit of advice I can share is that you don't have to backdate every post to when you originally wrote it. Bring your favorite posts into the present so everyone can enjoy them anew! Good luck!

  7. Hi Laura!...just got back from your seminar at the Hibbing public library!..very interesting and loved your little owl!...I'm into bird photography quite heavy and found my "niche"!...(If you remember ,I sent you the photo of the northern shrike awhile back)...also listen to you on KAXE...keep up the great work and programing!if you need a photo of any particular bird I just may be of help..thanks again....John Sikkila