Monday, August 13, 2007

Updated podcasts

As usual I've been falling behind in my podcasts, but I've finally caught up, and have all the new programs I've produced in July and through today this month up. The list of programs is here. If you want the xml page for downloading the podcast, that's here. You can also find it in the iTunes store by searching for Laura Erickson.

This month I'm trying to feature at least 10 of the 20 birds Audubon is listing in their declining common species list. So far I've done the Northern Bobwhite, Evening Grosbeak, and Northern Pintail. There are also programs about the Rufous Hummingbird I saw this weekend and about the downtown Duluth Peregrines. Check it out! Except for one year when I was getting grant money for program production, I've been writing, narrating, and producing "For the Birds" since 1986 as an unpaid volunteer.