Monday, September 17, 2007

Devastation at High Island

Sue Levy, a former Duluth birder who now lives in Texas, asked me and other bloggers to share this important news:
Dear Friends,

Last Wednesday we woke to discover that we suddenly, from outta nowhere, had a tropical depression just south of Galveston Island that was due to become a tropical storm and make landfall within less than 24 hours. By about midnight, (Erev Rosh Ha- Shanah for some of us) it was Hurricane Humberto, which made landfall at High Island, devastating the precious bird sanctuaries which are famous as a spot for a different sort of landfall - for the trans-Gulf neo-tropical migrants who arrive each Spring, tired and hungry, to what has been a perfect habitat for them. If you're not a birder, you should know that the Upper Texas Coast is a world-class destination for both birds and birders and is a vital link in the migratory path for hundreds of species in both Spring and Fall. The High Island sanctuaries are about seventy miles northeast of Houston. between Galveston and Port Arthur.

Some of the worst damage was done by a tornado that touched down in the midst of the storm. Please read Winnie Burkett's comments and view the pictures of the damage which speak for themselves. The recovery effort will have to be massive to bring these places back to a semblance of what they were before. I hope you will make a generous donation to the cost of this work and, if you are in the Houston area, volunteer for one of the workdays. Houston Audubon cannot possibly pay for all the work that will be needed. A huge effort will be necessary on the part of volunteers. You can make a difference. Please help us.

Best wishes to y'all,