Friday, December 7, 2007

Eagley day

I had to drive to Spooner, Wisconsin, this morning to tape some Northland Adventures segments. Driving up, I saw a couple of Bald Eagles. Then I took another route home, stopping in Port Wing along the way, and got my eagle tally up to 8. Then en route from there, added another 2 for a total of 10. In every case there was a gorgeous adult sitting in a tree or circling in the blue sky, and a mangled deer carcass on the roadside nearby.

I don't think I've ever seen a prettier sunset. I was driving home and there was black ice and/or snowpack for most of the length of "Lucky" Highway 13, making it just plain seem like a bad thought to pull over. But my eyes feasted on it!

Amazon finally got in more copies of my book, and they're already running out again! That's a happy thought, but I hope not too many people are giving it as Christmas gifts. It's a very good book--don't get me wrong! But Christmas morning is the time for opening happy presents. I had nightmares about all the people who were going to open my first book for Christmas. They'd come downstairs filled with eager anticipation, hoping for the latest Paul Simon CD or some other happy and wonderful and beautiful thing, rip off the wrapping paper and book. My nightmares were filled with sad, disappointed faces, and For the Birds was my HAPPY book! 101 Ways to Help Birds is more a New Year's resolution kind of thing than a Christmas morning one. But it does have a lot of timely information--every time I hear a news story about water shortages or the energy situation, I think, "Hey- Most of that was in my book!"