Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One constant in my life

Every night as I try to fall asleep now, I can't stop thinking about the black stain growing insidiously in our nation's soul. Every day I wake to new bad news--the spill is 5,000 barrels a day. No--12,000. No--20,000. No--60,000. The coastline affected grows daily.

But there's one constant in my life. Virtually every day when I check the stats for my flickr account, the one photo at the top--the one more people click on than any other, is this one of Jeepers the Neighborhood Pileated Woodpecker. I can take an amazing shot of a Prothonotary Warbler, or a series of photos of a woman tossing fish to a Brown Pelican who catches them in mid-air, or a silly shot of a goldfinch that looks like it's levitating, or a Great Blue Heron with its beak open and a fish suspended in space between the upper and lower mandibles. No matter how many photos I take, and how many are really good shots, ever and anon the number one shot is Jeepers.


  1. You are right, Laura--that is a magnificent photograph and a magnificent bird!
    The title of your post today reminds me that our favorite birds, our backyard birds, are a constant that can give comfort when so many of our wetlands and birds are in danger. Even our yards are not safe, of course (mine is on a waterway on the coast of Texas), but if each of us does what little we can, maybe that is the constant that (maybe) can prevail. At least it is the reminder that we need to do all we can in the world that is the backyard of us all.

  2. Most of us who are 50+ were childhood fans of Woody Woodpecker, maybe that explains the attraction...But, I think it may be that the pileated woodpecker is such a unique and powerful looking bird, that we all feel so honored to have this magestic bird show up in our humble yards!
    Thanks for continuing to be a voice for the birds of America...especially the birds of the Gulf!