Thursday, January 6, 2011

Up there with Bob Dylan!!!

Duluth's new DECC AMSOIL Arena was designed with quotes by Bob Dylan (born in Duluth), Sam Cook (Duluth's popular outdoors columnist), Dennis Anderson (Duluth's popular newsman), Erwin and Monnie Goldfine (prominent business owners), Jim Malosky (long time UMD Bulldog coach), Jeno and Lois Paulucci (prominent business owners), Mike Sertich (long time UMD Bulldog coach), and Al Amatuzio (founder of AMSOIL). And ME!! Oh, my! It's an honor, and pretty appropriate to have me up there over their environment display and the women's bathroom, since Sam Cook did just write about me keeping a list of birds that poop on me.


  1. Laura, what a great quote. You are so right. It's appropriate at the beginning of the new year, when we are steeped in expectations, to remember to appreciate all the blessings we already have.

    How many birds are on your poop list?


  2. What wonderful recognition for all you have done to increase our knowledge and awareness in regard to the birds with whom we share this planet.
    It appears to be a cheerful & colorful bldg.