Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For your listening pleasure: Greater Prairie-Chickens

In 2005 I went to Crookston, Minnesota to a blind managed by The Nature Conservancy to view Northern Prairie-Chickens.

Greater Prairie-Chicken

Greater Prairie-Chickens: 1 minute 57 seconds A lot of funky calls as well as their booming sound.

Greater Prairie-Chickens: 34 seconds
Calls and booming

Greater Prairie-Chickens 1:43
Lots of alarm calls before the birds flush. (The people in the blind next to me were making noise and left before we were supposed to.)

Greater Prairie-Chickens 2:49 Booming and calling.


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  2. I do all this work as a volunteer, and really, if people want to hear them, it is at least nicer for me to know they've accessed them via my website.

  3. If anybody else had told me all of those sounds came from the same kind of bird, or even from a bird at all, I would not have believed them!