Sunday, April 3, 2011

Soon Sharing the Wonder of Birds with Kids and For the Birds: An Uncommon Guide will be available through Google eBooks and Amazon Kindle!


  1. I like the sketch! Who is the artist?

  2. Her name is Kathryn Marsaa. This drawing was based on a photo I gave her from a newspaper, and shows two of my seventh-grade students. The one in the foreground with my binoculars saw The Empire Strikes Back an astounding number of times in the theater, and had it memorized. I wish I could reconnect with him--he was such a wonderful boy.

    The one in the background with my scope used to doodle in class (something I used as a signal that I needed to do something to make whatever I was talking about more interesting). His doodles were so cosmically creative and mathematically precise that I told him once that he was going to be an architect when he grew up. He responded, "What's an architect?" Now he knows--he's an excellent architect in New York City. My second son bears his name. When he and I reconnected a year or so ago, I learned (though I'd had no doubts) that he had become as wonderful a man as he'd been a boy.