Friday, August 31, 2012

National Blue Jay Awareness Month draws to a close

Katie and baby jay

Today's full moon happens to be a Blue Moon--the second full moon of this month. That means this month is National Blue Jay Awareness Month--the time, once in a blue moon, that we make a special effort to think about nature's perfect bird and make the world a little more aware of just how beautiful, spunky, intelligent, and teeming with true family values this splendid species is. There won't be another National Blue Jay Awareness Month until July 2015. And it looks impossible that I'll ever enjoy another year like 1999, when we had TWO National Blue Jay Awareness Months in the same year, because there were Blue Moons in both January and March. That kind of cosmic occurrence led to a huge surge in my creativity, which in turn led to the biggest creative spurt in the history of my radio program. I posted links to the funniest programs I ever created earlier this month on my blog. I think the funniest one ever was "Where the Boids Are," (funniest if you ever saw the movie titled "Where the Boys Are." My daughter's piano playing makes Bohemian Rhapsojay and several others pretty cool, too.