Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tragic news about the Ivory Gull

UPDATE: One Ivory Gull is still coming to Canal Park. That means there were TWO!

I just got an email and followup phone call from Bryan Murdock of Duluth. He was out on Connor's Point (in Superior, Wisconsin) beneath the Blatnik Bridge last night to photograph the sunset when he came upon this gruesome sight.

He said footprints went up to the carcass--they looked like fox or coyote. The bird could well have been knocked out of the air by the wintering Gyrfalcon or Peregrine. 


  1. Lucky (for our forensic inquiry) but surprising the head was not eaten. I thought a lot of predators like to eat the brain for the fat.

    The facial markings I see in the pic do not look the same to me as the bird I saw on Sunday. Perhaps that is due to the fact the bird is now a carcass. It will be interesting to see pictures of the live bird found today to see which bird met it's demise.

    1. I thought the same thing Jim, this break looks nothing like the one from four days ago at the park.