Friday, January 4, 2019

Guest on Science Friday!

On today's Science Friday, I was honored to be one of Ira Flatow's guests! You can hear that segment, about the Christmas Bird Count and other birdy things, on the Science Friday website. Especially thrilling for me is that the Science Friday website actually has a Laura Erickson page, where you can hear both today's birding segment and one I did in the studio with Ira Flatow last year, that one also featuring my good friend J. Drew Lanham.

Proof! I was on Science Friday with Ira Flatow!
This photo was from December 22, 2017, when I was in NYC visiting my daughter so got to
be in the studio with Ira Flatow!!
Pip and her Uncle Drew
J. Drew Lanham and Pip the Birding Dog! Drew was on the
Science Friday birding program last year.