Thursday, October 29, 2020

Sunday Night Program about Woodpeckers


Sunday, November 1, at 7 pm CDT (and remember to turn your clocks back!), I'll be giving a Zoom presentation about woodpeckers. I produce these monthly programs specifically as a thank you to all the people supporting this blog and my podcast via Patreon or direct contributions, which are now adding up to over $300 per month, making them now my primary source of income! I am inexpressibly grateful to everyone who is supporting my work. 

But as long as I'm blathering about birds anyway, and because I'm paying an extra $50 per month to Zoom in order to accommodate 100–500 participants but haven't had over 90 yet, and especially because my work has always been fundamentally focused on promoting the love, understanding, and protection of birds to as many people as possible, I want to make sure that anyone who wants to attend gets an invitation. If you have received an invitation to the November 1 presentation, please feel free to forward it to interested friends. If you haven't received an invitation but want to come, please email me to request one by October 31 (I get a little nervous and distracted the day of presentations, and may not notice on November 1). I'll be happy to include you without begging for contributions.  I may not earn much money from year to year (my annual income has never in my life broken 6 figures, and most years I'm seriously lucky to break just barely into five figures), but thanks to my hard-working husband, I'll never starve. And woodpeckers are VERY interesting!!