Monday, July 26, 2010

Here I am!

I made it to the Gulf! Temperature in St. Louis this morning when I set out from my dear friend Susan Eaton's--84. The temp fluctuated between 100 and 77 through the drive down 55. The full moon was rising, bright orangey, over Lake Pontchartrain. It took my breath away. And now I'm here, at a lovely B&B in Hauma.

Shawn Carey made arrangements for a boat trip tomorrow--and we may be taking a plane on Wednesday. I'll take as many photos and videos as possible. I'm hoping against hope that things are much better than I've heard.

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  1. I'm following Laura's trip with great interest. I live north of Duluth but recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of birders in Washington State, where my Aunt Thais was a reknown birder. I gave them this blog and relayed some of the info Laura has provided. Yay for Laura. Keep telling us what we can do from up here for the wildlife down there.
    Robin Whaley