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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hog Island Audubon Camp sound recordings!

Northern Parula

Last week and this week I'm working as an instructor at Hog Island Audubon Camp in Bremen, Maine. Last week I was helping with the Breaking into Birding class, and this coming week I'll be doing the Joy of Birding class with lots of other instructors. This morning was quiet, with the new instructors not yet here and most of the staff gone, and there was no wind, so I made some sound recordings. There are lots of warblers on both, with Northern Parulas and Black-throated Greens especially noticeable. I've been photographing both species here all week.

I made the first ambient sound recording in a slightly boggy area at about 7:20 am. It lasts about 12 minutes. 

I made the second one near my cabin at about 8:30. This one lasts about 37 minutes.

On the page for each recording, I list all the species I noticed. Let me know if you hear any birds not listed!

Black-throated Green Warbler


  1. Hi Laura,

    Very nice and clear recordings. I don't know if you missed any birds. I recognize a few like the bluejay. What recording equipment did you use? Your camera?

    I need to try this myself one of these days. There's a little more noise around here though. :/

  2. I was using a Sennheiser directional microphone and a Marantz recorder. I like the sound my camera or my phone give, but I get better quality with my professional sound recording equipment.

    1. Hi Laura,

      Thanks for the reply. I forgot to ask (and sorry if you mention this elsewhere)...What camera(s) do you take the pics with?

      One more question: Do you use any other optics like a spotting scope?

  3. That NAPA has a band. Were you near a banding station

  4. I used to do digiscoping, and often use my Zeiss diascope (their spotting scope model) for viewing wildlife, but usually I'm just armed with my binoculars and my camera. Since 2009, I've been using a Canon DSLR--first the 50D, then the 60D, then the 70D, and now the 80D, with their 100-400 mm zoom image-stabilized lens. I'd had their original one through a few months ago, and then when I bought the 80D, also bought the brand new 100-400 lens. I'm not a professional as far as training or many issues regarding the fine points of photography, but the new model is a noticeable improvement, and I thought the old model was just peachy.

  5. Also, whichever my newest camera body is, I keep my older one for another lens for scenery and people shots. When I'm birding with my husband, he does that general photography. When I'm alone, I usually don't want to lug two cameras as well as my binoculars, so I tend to use my iPhone 5 for general photography.