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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oh, my gosh! Bathing Beauties

How would you like this bird bath? I was amazed at the diversity of birds at it! It was created by Dave Tiller, who lives in the woods near Iron River, Michigan. I spent a big chunk of yesterday taking pictures there, so there are a bazillion more at my bird bath gallery.


  1. What lovely photos! Do you have any info on how he built the bath sections? Concrete set into the ground? It looks like there is a built in overflow spout from the upper to the lower bath. Does he leave it in the ground for the wnter? It's a clever setup!!

  2. He dug the holes, lined them with plastic and then concrete. But I didn't ask him more technical questions--I'll email him and find out!

  3. Dave answers:

    Metal or plastic barrels can be used for the tank. A hole is drilled
    in the side of the bottom for a faucet that is left to
    drip. Depressions were made in the ground and lined with heavy black
    plastic. Cement was mixed in a wheel barrow and molded by hand in
    those depressions. Some rocks were set (wiggled) into the wet cement
    for a more natural appearance. A piece of copper tubing drips from
    the first pool to the second one making for two drips instead of
    one. The deepest water should be about two inches with most only
    around one inch. These baths have been in place since 1994. Some
    cracking of the concrete has occurred but the plastic still holds the
    water. Were I to do this again I would try using several layers of
    chicken wire as a matrix/re-enforcement for the cement - like
    stucco. When they are used a lot they do get dirty and need to be
    sprayed out with a hose.

  4. Wow

    My warbler sightings are severely lacking, I would love to see some of these birds.

  5. Laura- You are kind to get the directions for me. I have just the spot in the back yard for this water feature! I'll shoot you a picture when I get it done. Thanks also to Dave.

  6. Wow! What great birds to have at the bath-I guess his location is the reason for that.-terrific pictures though.