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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Caring for birds and cats BOTH

Wow--I was just sent a link to a cool program called TAP (Trap-Alter-Protect).
Feral cats are unsocialized to humans, but they are still domestic animals. Whether feral, stray or pet, domestic cats are companion animals and their home is not outdoors. They are not wildlife.
And there's also this interesting site about Trap-Neuter-Release programs that set neutered feral cats loose: Check both these sites out!


  1. Hi Laura,

    I am now reading your book "101 ways" after hearing you on WPR, and I came across your blog before, and today I realized that both were by the same person! Two of the best tips I got about birds came from you - one about the risks of offering jelly to birds and another one about the danger of heated birdbaths. I was so pleased to realize that both came from the same person! I realized it was by the same person when I came across a story of a nuthatch being stuck to a jelly bowl - something I read on your blog long time ago, and then also reading about in your book today. Keep up the good work!

  2. "We believe (as a last resort) that euthanasia is a more compassionate outcome for these cats rather than re-abandoning them outdoors - condemned to live mediocre to miserable lives and to die likely from some trauma or illness."

    This is only a better outcome for people who don't like feral cats, and don't want to admit that they thrive in the wild. They admit as much when they distinguish feral from stray. Humans didn't weave, cook or sculpt domestic cats, they bred them from wild taxa.

    To presume this process is irreversible is typical of our boundless hubris.

    Reminds me of the park ranger in Ohio I met who shoots Starlings, House Sparrows and House Finches with a pellet rifle. He's actually a sadist and found a convenient justification to indulge himself.

    Darwin laughs.

  3. You take care of one or two birds that are dying from cat bites and get back to me. Though of course I won't know whether it's you or not since you're hiding under a cloak of anonymity.

  4. Laura, my sister-in-law participates in this program in the SF Bay Area. It's a great program, no matter how few people bother to pooh-pooh it. Thanks from me and from her for posting it on your blog.

  5. Yes, please remember there are NO Trap-Neuter-Release programs that result in 0 cats outside. They all continue ad infintum and provide a convenient place for new abandonments. It's just wrong!