Laura Erickson's For the Birds

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A walk in Sapsucker Woods

I love May. Every day brings brand new birds. Yesterday I woke to the tune of a Scarlet Tanager drifting into my bedroom, accompanied by a Blue-winged Warbler! Today it was hard to tell which was which between phrases of the Scarlet Tanager and of the newly-arrived Yellow-throated Vireo. At noon I took a walk on the Wilson Trail through Sapsucker Woods.
Okay--I didn't see this individual today, but I did see a stunningly beautiful Black-throated Blue Warbler.
Robins are beautiful even when the warblers come back.
This little guy was VERY territorial, as was his next-door neighbor.
This little House Wren was carrying sticks and singing and trying ever so hard to attract a mate--any mate.
Baby geese are a paradox. They're all the same, and they're each different.