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Monday, November 23, 2009

Northern Hawk Owl map

View 2009/2010 Northern Hawk Owl Map in a larger map
Mike Hendrickson is maintaining a map of all northern Hawk Owl sightings in northern Minnesota! To find it as it's updated, check out Mike's Colder by the Lake blog.


  1. Love your radio spot and to hear your reports. Your voice carries the best interest and delivery of nature. Every morning it wakes me before work and makes me feel good to be alive and to be part of what nature gives us, that so many others take for granted. My favorite is the little chickadee's outside my window...I sleep with my head by my open window almost all year round and witness first hand natures musical concert...better than any alarm clock that I've ever known...Well again my sincerest thanks for such a refreshing start to a new day Laura...and when that grey old owl say's Who..who..who...I'll say it's Laura that's who.