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Friday, December 14, 2012

Gary Ganakas and Mike Robinson!!!!!!!!!

Oh, man--I am ELATED! My all-time favorite basketball players in the known universe, Gary Ganakas (who led the Big Ten in assists) and Mike Robinson (who was the Big Ten's biggest scorer) are at Michigan State's Jenison Field House tonight for a big reunion game, and Gary just sent me this photo of the two of them with Mike's son. 

I can't possibly explain how fun it was to watch these guys play! Russ and I always sat in the front row in the center. We were living on love and not much else, and the only money we could set aside for entertainment went straight to buying season tickets to watch Spartan basketball. It was money well-spent--I still get so much pleasure just thinking about this wonderful team. 

Russ and I badly wanted to go to the game tonight, but things got dicey with family responsibilities and the 700-mile trip suddenly became impossible. I would so much have loved to actually meet my heroes. But what a joy to know that for one brief, shining moment, they were thinking about their biggest fan--ME--and that maybe their smiles are actually directed at the woman who smiled so much watching them play lo those many years ago.