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Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Long and Short of It

Yesterday, Erik Bruhnke and I stood side by side photographing a nearby Great Gray Owl. Erik is 6'0"; I am 5'4". His photo, on the right, is the better one: He doesn't have the magnification set quite as high as mine (we were both using the new Canon 100-400 mm lens), and with just a little less magnification, he had both a better view of the owl and more depth of field. But the funny thing is that from his higher vantage point, the owl's head is seen against the background trees. I was much more looking up at it, putting the sky behind the owl's head.


  1. Yeah, but I'll bet you are happier than he is while flying economy class these days!

  2. Interesting comparison. Thanks for this.

  3. Nice comparison. Thanks for posting this.

  4. I’ve been taking a collapsible stool with me in the car which has proven useful at times. Though I’ve yet to get it out for snow use!

    1. To stand on? I'd be very scared to try that unless it was really sturdy!

  5. Truly a magnificent bird - long time since I've seen one. Surely we have to be due for an irruption one of these years.