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Saturday, March 31, 2018

One Time Donation Request

Cuban Tody!!

I've been writing and producing "For the Birds" since May 12, 1986, almost entirely as a volunteer, and started writing this blog in May 2007. I'm not good at asking for money to support my projects—there are too many important causes that I really don't like to divert attention and money away from. So this is a one time request.

I'm trying to save up enough money for two major purchases--a new iMac that will work faster with sound and photo files than my current laptop (plus I want to make sure my laptop lasts as long as possible--it's the computer I bring when I'm making presentations), and a really good light-gathering camera lens.

So this week I created a Go Fund Me campaign. I will end it on April 30, and promise never again to pester you for money. Please only donate if you like my work AND have money to spare.