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Monday, June 28, 2021

If you read this For the Birds blog via email…

 Email subscriptions for this blog have been managed by Google’s app Feedburner, but Google is ending the service in July (no date has been specified).

I’ve looked at alternatives, and MailChimp seems to be the best, least commercial and exploitative choice. On Thursday, I will import from Feedburner the addresses of For the Birds email subscribers and enter them into MailChimp. Emails may look different, particularly in the sender and subject lines, but should be easy to recognize.

It will be easy to stop getting emails from MailChimp by unsubscribing, but if you’re currently getting blog posts by email and want to opt out of this change entirely so MailChimp doesn’t get your email address at all, please email me by Thursday morning. Once MailChimp is running, I’ll turn off Feedburner, so you shouldn’t receive duplicate emails. 

My daughter and I tested MailChimp with Sunday’s blog post using our gmail addresses. Hers came through perfectly; mine was sent to spam. So if you don't get blog posts for a while, you might check your spam folder. 

This all only applies to people who receive the blog via email. If you read the blog on my website, nothing will be different.