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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Photon at the Wichita Mountains!

Here are highlights of the Photon Goes to Oklahoma photo gallery.
Here she's resting in our camp site.
When we got evacuated to the Environmental Education Center during a fierce storm, she had fun exploring.
Pup tent!
Our first night in the tent, she went to some lengths to pull over one of my pillows and set it up just the way she wanted by her bed. She's never done this before.

Swimming at the boat launch at Quannah Parker Lake.

Amy, the director of the Doris Campground, kindly babysat Photon one day. Photon had been very scared that I wouldn't come back. She doesn't mind being left places where she can see all my luggage--I guess I should have brought my suitcase to Amy's!

The rest of the Photon photos are here.