Laura Erickson's For the Birds

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Weird weather

I drove home from Iron River, Michigan this morning, with a stop in Manitowish Waters to check out the Powell Marsh (photos later). It started out in the 70s and rose throughout the morning, and was 93 by the time I got to Ashland at about 1:45. And that's what it was in Iron River, Wisconsin, and then it started falling to the 80s. But suddenly, drawing close to Superior, it dropped to the upper 60s. And then it dropped again--drawing into Superior it was 59, and here in Duluth it's 56! That's a 37-degree drop, thanks to living on the shores of the world's largest air conditioner.

I filled up in Watersmeet, MI, on the way today, and my gas mileage when I got home (over 200 miles) was 59 mpg! Anyone who says Priuses aren't that good is just plain wrong.