Laura Erickson's For the Birds

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Counting at Hawk Ridge

Tomorrow (Friday, August 31) I'll be serving as the emergency auxiliary backup counter at Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory. We'll have two new counters this year--one is from Veracruz and has witnessed and tallied some HUGE counts! She'll be starting on Saturday. And Karl Bardon, the other counter, has to go pick her up in the Twin Cities. So I'll be filling in for the day.

It's hard to predict what the migration will be like. Good days in August are quite small compared to good days in September, but we usually have Osprey, American Kestrels, and Sharp-shinned Hawks. If a Mississippi Kite happens to wing by, it virtually always happens at the end of August.

So stop on by and say hello! And if you can't make it tomorrow, things are only going to get better and better there in the coming days and weeks!