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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mike Hendrickson's Lake Superior boat trip

Mike Hendrickson writes:

What a day! Nice warm temps with southwest winds. Our route was to head directly to Wisconsin Pt and bird around the Superior Entry. We then decided to head over to Gull Bluff and then head over to Lester River and then back to the dock.


- Juv. Parasitic Jaeger
- Adult Parasitic Jaeger
- Lesser Black-backed Gull in 2nd cycle Plumage
- Greater Black-backed Gull

All the Jaegers were in Wisconsin waters and we have to thank Tom Schultz of Wisconsin for calling me on my cell phone in getting me on the jaegers. We had terrific looks of the juv jaeger as it chased gulls and also had both of the jaegers resting on the lake.

Other birds:

-Peregrine Falcon
-Ruddy Turnstones
-Golden Plover
-Common Tern
-several Bonaparte's Gulls

Odd Sighting:

A medium size bat over Lake Superior when the closest land area was 4 miles away !!

Terrific day and 2-2 on finding jaegers on these Lake Superior Boat Trips. Next Trip is October 6th and I have 9 spots for those interested on going. The cost for the boat trip is $30 per birder.

If you're interested in going on the next boat trip, email Mike.