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Monday, January 7, 2008

Here I am!

I'm pretty much moved into my new apartment, Photon and Kasey seem to be enjoying themselves, and I'm having a wonderful time. But no Internet at my place yet, and I probably won't have it until next week. Oh, well. Meanwhile, first bird when I drove into Ithaca was a Blue Jay--it flew right over my car as I passed the Welcome to Ithaca sign! First bird at my feeder--Tufted Titmouse. Not many feeder visitors so far--three titmice, a group of chickadees, and one Red-breasted Nuthatch that I know of. My cell phone reception is VERY poor from my place, except on the balcony. Last night when I was talking to Russ out there in the cold, feeling sorry for myself, suddenly a Great Horned Owl called! I only heard one individual, but he or she (I think it was a male) called over and over and over. So with luck it will stick around.

I sent my phone back to Russ today--Verizon is going to exchange it for another model in hopes that I'll get better reception. So now I have no phone OR Internet at home for several days. But I'll be connected again soon.

Now I'm getting back to work. Did I mention yet that I LOVE my job?!


  1. If you haven't already chosen a new phone -- try a Nokia. I have very poor reception inside my house, and my Nokia phone is the only model I've had that I can use here without losing connections.

  2. Once the birds figure out whose feeder it is, you're going to have plenty of company!

  3. Laura, glad you made it safe and sound. You sound so excited! Am looking forward to your posts. Did you hear about the Ivory Gull Peder S. found today at Canal Park? What a find. Not sure Vern and I will make it up there. Mom has apts at Mayo this week. Good to ear from you.

  4. Sounds great, Laura. The birds will come when they discover your feeders - and the word gets out who's spreading the table.

    It's wonderful to hear from you and know you arrived with yourself and your buddies in good shape.


  5. Glad you made it safe and sound. Glad you love the job.
    Glad there will now be yet another place to read and enjoy your outlook on the natural world!

    Kathy Connelly