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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wish I were watching eagles from Duluth right now!

Bald Eagle detail
Originally uploaded by Laura Erickson
Yesterday 679 Bald Eagles and 30 Golden Eagles were counted by Karl Bardon from West Skyline in Duluth. Wish I were there! Hey--if you're around, this is really fun to see!


  1. Wow... I don't ever remember that many Bald Eagles in Duluth. That is great!!

  2. What a great day for the guy that's counting! Imagine how thrilled he must have been to tally that many birds. And a good number of Golden Eagles also.
    The early spring that we are experiencing in Minnesota & Wisconsin may be sending those birds back up N. Where I live in Hudson, WI, many years the St. Croix River has a back-log of Eagles as they await the ice off further N of us. When that happens, it's great fun to be outdoors and hear so many Eagles nearby.