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Friday, October 3, 2014

First reported window collision: MY house.

Yellow-rumped Warbler

We're having a huge migration today, and at mid-morning, this poor Yellow-rumped Warbler hit my window. He flew off within 5 minutes, but I can only hope he survives--about 50 percent end up dying from complications from head injuries.

I'm hoping people will start sending photos or at least reports of window collisions in Duluth. We need to make people aware of this horrible problem, especially for getting some kind of protective netting over the obscenely huge windows at the airport and some downtown buildings, but also to make regular homeowners aware of the problem. I've made several of my windows bird-safe, but obviously not all of them. Please email me with reports of ALL window collisions--if you know the species, and how it turned out, let me know, but also the date and time, where it happened (whether you send me your address or not, I will only post neighborhoods of private residences), and what kind of window. I want to get all the reports up on my new Bird Collisions website. For now, I'm restricting reports to those in Duluth.