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Friday, August 28, 2020

September 1 Zoom Presentation: Migration Strategies

Thanks to everyone who has supported my work via Patreon or a direct contribution! Some wonderful people mailed me checks or cash but didn't include their email addresses, which I need to send the invitations. And life being what it is with a brand new baby in the house, I was slow to mail thank you notes asking for email addresses. If you are one of these and see this, please email me ASAP to get your invitation on time. 

Thanks to the contributions people are giving me, I can afford to spring for the $50-per-month Zoom add-on, so don't have to worry about exceeding 100 people at these presentations. I SO appreciate your support, which has also allowed me to buy 3 trail cams for my backyard. So far they've captured a Brown Thrasher, Gray Catbird, Song Sparrow, Rock Pigeon (oh, well), lots of robins and Blue Jays, and a Scarlet Tanager all at my birdbaths, along with some adorable mice (I think white-footed deer mice), their eyes aglow in the night-vision. I have a LOT of gray squirrels, and we have two dogs counting my daughter's Muxy and my Pip, so I have to weed through a lot of pictures to find the good ones. 

The September 1 program will be about bird migration--why some species migrate by day while others fly by night, why some mosey while others make haste, how the species composition changes from the beginning of migration in July through (sort of) the end of fall migration in December, and how we know what we know and how much more we don't yet understand. 

Patreon wants premiums like my monthly presentations to be exclusive for contributors, but something deep in my bones makes me constitutionally incapable of excluding anyone who wants to come simply because they can't afford a contribution during this crazy time. People who have contributed should feel free to forward the invitation to their own friends/families/etc.

If you didn't receive one but want an invitation, send me an email.