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Monday, April 23, 2007

Duluth Warbler Walks start tomorrow!

American Redstart -- Western Waterfront Trail 2006 Warbler Walk

Tomorrow's the day! Our twice-weekly warbler walks are starting! Every Tuesday from now through May 29 we'll be covering the Western Waterfront Trail in west Duluth, meeting in the parking lot past the Tappakeg Bar (across from the zoo on Grand Avenue), at 6:30 am. Some people arrive later than others, and some people have to leave early--the whole thing is very informal and fun. I heard a Yellow-rump down my block today, so things look good for spotting something good tomorrow!

Every Thursday from now through May 31 we'll be covering Park Point, meeting at 6:30 at the huge parking lot by the recreation building and soccer fields.

I'm going to be spending a couple of weeks out of town starting after our May 5 trip, so for two weeks, the trips will be led by Larry Kraemer.

These trips, the main little service I provide for Duluth Audubon Society, are free and open to everyone. I usually go out whether it's raining lightly or threatening, but not if it's pouring. But please don't call me to find out if a trip is taking place. My husband and son don't appreciate the phone ringing at that hour of the morning!
Yellow-rumped Warbler -- Park Point, 2006 Warbler Walk