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Monday, April 23, 2007

Max the Maggot back online

(On edit March 7, 2012: I just removed Max the Maggot from my webpage. It will soon be available exclusively on Amazon Kindle Direct.)

I just added The Curious Adventures of Max the Maggot to my Story Index. As you may or may not recall, Max is a spunky but polite little maggot who saves the life of Vanessa Redtail after she has an unfortunate encounter with a weasel, and learns about life from peeking out behind the neck feathers of a Red-tailed Hawk. The story follows his life from egg to adult. Many children find this scene particularly appealing:

Now where to? Max sniffed the air. Something smelled wonderful! He headed off toward the captivating smell. A moose! A big, dead, luscious, putrescent moose! With a bazillion flies just like him all gathered, feasting and buzzing and having a jolly time.