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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Need help with google

I just found out that when people google "Laura Erickson Blog," a commercial website is the number one result. If you have time, please google "Laura Erickson Blog" and then click on my actual blog. Thanks!!


  1. I think you need links to your blog more than people just clicking on your google listing to move up in the ranks.

  2. Hi Laura,

    My understanding is that clicking on a Google search result does not make it rise up in the Google rankings. You need folks to put a link to your blog on their website or blog in order to do that! Hope this helps.

    (LOVE your podcasts!)

  3. But there IS no link to that company anywhere calling it 'Laura Erickson blog." In my experience, people clicking on search results is what moves them up.

  4. Laura

    On my website, I have an updated link to your site and an additional one specifically for your EXCELLENT book, “101 Ways to Help Birds”.

    Hope this helps

  5. When I entered "Laura Erickson Blog" into Google I encountered the result I expected; sadly it was not your blog. So I ran the cache check for the top result and was informed "These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: laura erickson blog." Thus I think it is correct that Google ranks not by click throughs but by links to pages from other pages.

    As I already have your page linked, I will add a post tonight to further increase the number of links to your blog.