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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hawk Ridge, or Waxwing City?

I took a walk up to Hawk Ridge today. Winds were from the southwest, so there weren't a whole lot of hawks, though I did watch a really cool battle between a Merlin and a Sharp-shinned Hawk along with several other sharpies, a few kestrels, a Bald Eagle, and a couple of Turkey Vultures seen during a couple of hours there. In addition to those, there were a bazillion Cedar Waxwings moseying through and stopping to eat berries. It's heartening to see so many immatures.

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  1. I truly enjoy your blog on birds, my daughter Ruth [Nature Knitter] sent me your way. I have been looking for awhile, but the Birds of Iraq was the most fascinating, birds here are some of the same ones there, besides the unusual ones. I love to bird watch here at home and sometimes in the woods. I also try to listen and identify birds by their song or call. It is so easy to take time to smell the flowers and listen to nature, they are lasting memories.
    Nature Knitters Mom [Betty K.]