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Monday, October 1, 2007

Holy crap! I'm a "wordinista" or "the literati"!!

My fantasy photo

Wow--I made it into the No Fact Zone, the Stephen Colbert and ‘The Colbert Report’ News Blog and Fan Site, for my comments last week informing Stephen Colbert that the loon on Canadian dollar coins is not a duck!

I'm going to have to put together some sort of contest challenging people to take a REAL-LIFE photo of Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart holding my book. I have absolutely no money (right now I'm afraid I just barely qualify as a thousandaire--not even a ten-thousandaire), but as a prize for the first person to get a photo to me, I could offer a complete set of the 3.52 books I've written (I wrote 100% of "For the Birds: an Uncommon Guide, Sharing the Wonder of Birds with Kids, and 101 Ways to Help Birds, 50% of Earth's Chemical Clues: The Story of Geochemistry [I am not making this up, oddly enough], and 2% of Good Birders Don't Wear White: Fifty Tips from North America's Top Birders), or I could bring Archimedes anywhere within the lower-48 to do an owl program for the classroom or organization of your choice.