Laura Erickson's For the Birds

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Julie Craves holding my book!

Oh, wow! I have been in Port Wing, Wisconsin, since Sunday keeping my mother-in-law company as she recovers from a broken pelvis. She doesn't have Internet--it's been peaceful not having to deal with anything at all except her, especially because she's such pleasant company. But I came back today to a really cool thing--the wonderful Julie Craves of the Rouge River Bird Observatory, a columnist for Birder's World, and author of all kinds of splendid publications about Michigan's natural world, sent me a photo of herself holding my book, and also a link to the Rouge River Bird Observatory's "Books and Media Recommended by the RRBO" which shows my book as one of the two recommendations for holiday gifts:
If there are two books to give (or receive) as gifts this holiday season, it is the following two. They will appeal to -- and have valuable information to offer -- both novice and advanced birders. They remind us that we share our world with truly amazing creatures that deserve our admiration and best efforts at stewardship.