Laura Erickson's For the Birds

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sapsucker Woods--here I come!

Wow--tomorrow I'm headed for the Isabella Christmas Bird Count, I'll spend part of New Year's Eve at my mother-in-law's in Port Wing, and then first thing New Year's Day morning off I go, headed for Ithaca! I'm really getting psyched--I just read through The Birds of Sapsucker Woods. It's a gorgeous little book--we should create something similar for Hawk Ridge.


  1. Have a safe trip, Laura!
    The same kind of book would be good for Sax-Zim Bog as well.

  2. Have a wondeful drive, Laura. Best weather and all that!

    As for the book: I have a book called Birds of Seattle and the Puget Sound that I love love love. Someday I'll buy a big bird book with birds from all over, but it's really nice to have a subset of "high probability" birds, ya know?

    And enjoy the counting!


  3. Enjoy Ithaca. I lived there for 10 years and still miss it even after 17 years. I spent many hours at SSW when it had only a small building. Cayuga Lake is beautiful, the gorges are spectacular and the best grocery store in the world, Wegmans, is there too!