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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Willow Ptarmigan

Did anyone else notice the Willow Ptarmigan singing in the background in the new Indiana Jones movie? Russ and I went on an "interstate date," both seeing the new movie tonight, me at 7:45 pm EDT and he at 6:45 pm CDT. We talked on our cell phones while we were buying tickets, and he called me the moment the credits ended at his movie--at the exact same time the credits ended for me! He of course didn't notice the ptarmigan, but I certainly did--but it was near enough to the beginning (I think just at the start of the "Amazon" [filmed in Hawaii])that I don't remember exactly when. So if anyone did notice and remembers exactly where the ptarmigan calls were, please post a comment!


  1. Hi Laura, Are you talking about the new Indiana Jones movie? The reason I ask is there was a Willow Ptarmigan singing in the first Indiana Jones movie. I had just return from Churchill Manitoba. The Willow Ptarmigan was one of the many life birds I had seen and heard. It was a shock to hear it the opening sequence as Indy and his guide are hacking through the jungle! I look forward to listening for it in this new movie. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Yep--I'm talking about the new movie. Now I'll have to rent the first--I'm not normally into action films, so have never seen the whole first movie.

  3. Hi Laura, I have just come back from the new Indiana Jones movie. Yep, the ptarmigan was indeed in the part that started in Peru. I wonder if the movie editors put it in to make the loop with the first film. After the first film there was a lot of chatter about the ptarmigan was stuck in the middle of the jungle scene. This new one it is just the ptarmigan no other birds singing. Humm? I wonder if it was intentional.