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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spring Dawn at Ellis Hollow

On May 14, while I was packing up to leave for Chicago and Duluth, I made a recording of the dawn chorus from my balcony. It's 52 minutes long, starting out very softly and slowly building. It is 30.2 MB, so don't download unless you have a fast connection or a LOT of time. It sounds best when you turn the bass down low.

I'm going to eventually make a list of all the species you can hear on this, but if you notice something I'm likely to miss, post a comment.


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  2. Laura,

    I enjoyed listening to your recording. It was very relaxing. You have quite the variety. Many of the sounds were familiar to what’s in my own backyard here in VA. Keep us updated on any future recordings that you do. I hope to try this one day myself, just not sure where to start as far as equipment goes yet.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!


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