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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Harry Potter Owls

Rats. I did a google search on "Owls Harry Potter" and the very first link is to my page--the one on Birderblog. But that's a dead end now, and I got tired of searching page after page without finding a link to my "The Owls of Harry Potter" page. How frustrating. Two years ago, the top link for the topic was my home page, and I only put it on Birderblog because they wanted as much of my content there as I could get over there. Now it's like starting from scratch, only even worse, because back when I put my page up it was for quite a while the ONLY page specifically about the owls featured in Harry Potter books and movies. When The Nature Conservancy finally put up a comparable page, they said Ron's owl Pigwidgeon was a Little Owl, though Mary Granpre's lovely drawing of a tiny owl carrying a message showed "ear" tufts. It's going to take forever for people to be able to find the content I've worked so hard and so long on. Oh, well. You can find my Owls of Harry Potter right here.